Marketing and sales specialists


VST is led by a results-oriented CEO with over 20 years of experience managing and growing a branch operations business in the hairdressing industry.

As an innovative and pioneering mind, he thought about how the service could be brought to the digital realm, which is what our Virtual Smart Talent represents today.

Our mantra is to create programs and captivate


VST is managed by political scientists with expertise in content research, writing skills, and creating strategic messages for the right audience.

With this scenario, not only politicians want to be in the front row, surely you and your company too.

What do we offer you?


Complete management of a company’s digital content based on its online goals, including text and visual content.

Web design and development for a strong appearance that allows navigability, interactivity and usability.

VST Added Value


In our interest in respecting and promoting Human Rights, we have a team of talented mothers and fathers who work online.

They are digital professionals with a vocation for service and excellent job performance.

We ensure total commitment and attention, with high quality standards.

In addition, we speak English, Spanish and German!

We provide digital solutions based on communication skills and analytical capacity

Mónica Amado – Marc Seubert